iloxair – Tomorrow's Ventilation Solutions Today 

Iloxair Oy is a Finnish company, established in 2005. Despite being  a relative newcomer to the business, the company's operation is based on years of expertise in residential ventilation, air conditioning, energy recovery and optimizing energy consumption. 

Energy Recovery Units

Our Ilox Energy Recovery Unit range is suited for air flow rates from 50 to 100 l/s. We are able to offer you a reliable and energy efficient ventilation solution for homes, classrooms, day-care centres and small offices.

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Cooker Hoods

Iloxair is also an expert in extracting grease, steam and cooking odours from kitchens. For this purpose we offer a wide range of elegant and efficient cooker hoods, including solutions for both traditional installation and modern kitchen islands.

Air Heaters and Coolers & Sound Absorbers

A complete solution for heating supply air - a pre-insulated unit equipped with a condensation drain. 
Efficient sound absorbers, designed for fan noise attenuation. Also available as corner models.